Wednesday, January 16, 2008

design on the mind

from 1/15/08

Design on the mind
a lot lately.
I think I would make a good art director.
I know such a position requires further experience with design.
I often tend to feel limited because of technology.
I feel like I have great vision and ideas but I have a hard time executing the ideas into the computer.
Mainly because I don't know how to use/utilize the technology/software to its fullest.
This is where I see being a good art director to someone with design understanding, the ability to communicate effectively, team player attitude, and tech. saavy know-how would work well.

For a while I was drifting away from design.
I was disconnecting because I felt the need to rebel
against the design world and especially my design faculty mentors.
However, I am extremely interested in design and have a good eye and know when I see "good" design.
And I like that my design education did give me these qualities and the quality of being particular when it comes to visuals, especially when we have no choice but to be inundated by graphics and images on a daily basis.
I have a very deep appreciation of design because it is something I feel passionately about.
I am passionate about "good" design and with a very broad sense of the word "good".

Good is all encompassing. Good comes from a lot of necessary decision making that not everyone is qualified or capable to make.
Good design is a lot of things.
Good design is...
aesthetically pleasing
just as much as it is...
effective in communicating a message.
Every seemingly small decision can have an dramatically large impact or outcome of a design.
Therefore everything must be considered.
From color,
to placement and positioning in a space,
to the choice in font type/style,
and even to the particular extremes as tweaking (what is ever so unnoticeable to anyone else but a designer) the spacing between characters.
Design is particular
and not everyone is good at it.
I have theories of why this seems to be true...

There is a lack of understanding the value of design
and why good design is necessary and what makes design good.
Having the mind to judge "good" design is not pretentious
but necessary.
It is simply a form or level of understanding.
And not everyone should be good designers.
Because that would take all the fun (and work) from the designers who are or will be good at it.

Therefore I say leave the design work to the designers.
I have also been having the overwhelming desire to fully emerse myself in art.
To read about it, to learn about it, to see it, to feel it, to think it, to be it.

I <3> art & design!

And I believe that is all I need to become and continue to become a good designer/artist.
Of course, along with passion, desire and the need for more.

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