Wednesday, January 16, 2008

introductions and gratitude


Today i decided to create a new blog entirely dedicated to art, in the broadest sense of the word.
I will use this blog as a vehicle and a central location to verbally and/or visually document any thoughts, ideas, findings, etc., on art and/or design. It is my hope to not only share my findings with others in order to teach and inspire but to make more of an effort to dedicate to the full submersion of myself in the art world. I am plugging myself in to the art world by fully submerging myself in it and this blog is a way to motivate me to stay plugged in so that I may continue to emerge as an artist myself by maintaining inspiration outside of myself.

First, I feel it necessary to express gratitude to those that inspired me to choose this moment to start this blog. Audrey Kawasaki ( I love looking at her art via her website and I think she is a highly amazingly talented young artist but once I have seen everything on her site, I get sort of bored. Not bored with Audrey or her art but I constantly find myself wanting more. That is why I appreciate that she keeps a blog of all shows she attends and keeps everyone updated with the happenings of her art life. It is cool to hear her talk about other artists she admires and appreciates through her blog and I appreciate that she posts pictures of events she attends. So I want to do the same because it is fun.

I would also like to express gratitude to my friend Courtney who maintains an online journal of her writings. She has always served as a great inspirator and motivational force in my life. She is one of the most real and raw people I know who cares about her friends and family as much as she cares of herself. She has always taken the time to really and truly get to know me by attempting to understand me in every possible way by looking from every possible direction and does so purely and without judgment. She even takes the time to share her findings with me and for this I am eternally grateful. I don't get to see her very much, but I can still say she probably knows and understands me better than almost anyone. All this to say that I owe Courtney for getting me started in the cyberific world of blogs. It all began with livejournal and migrated to myspace, which is now manifesting itself here. While myspace is more of a social network and a way to maintain contact with old and new friends, this blog will be more of a way to network and stay connected to the art world and new/old friends in that world. Its a fun place to be and I want to jump right on in without holding my nose first.

So plug yourselves into me, kids and I into you! And brace yourself for one hell of a all starts and stops right here. <-----> ...or does it? ; )

~Mira Sol

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