Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pop-Start Box Design

This was a super fun project I thought I'd post for...well, fun.
A colleague approached me with an idea to create a mock Pop-Tart box for one of the many activities during the beginning of the semester Graduate Student Welcome Week. My colleague cleverly came up with "Pop-Start" as the name for the event as students "Pop-Start" their semester with two mornings full of free pop-tarts, juice and water on campus.
A bit about the design:
The mock Pop-Tart box will be printed as a 20"x30" sandwich board that will be worn by a staff member (not me!) during the event.
For those not familiar,"Boomerberry" is a play off of the University of Oklahoma's fight song, "Boomer Sooner."
All of the elements of the box design are original, with the exception of the "Pop-Start" lettering. For that, I photographed an actual Pop-Tart box and photoshopped the "s" at the end of "tarts" and moved it to the front to create the word "start".
Even the pop-tart photo is original. We had another colleague carefully gnaw off the end of a strawberry pop-tart so we could photograph it ourselves.

Compare with the original: