Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sooner Magic

I just had to post about this because its another one of those silly, fun projects that I love to do because I don't have to think too much about it and just play!

The OU Homecoming parade is coming up on October 16th and each year the Graduate College participates. And each year we keep getting more clever with our ideas. This year the theme is "Sooner Magic" so we decided to play on the magic theme by paying homage to The Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour. If you are unfamiliar or simply need to jolt your memory, check out this video.

If you can imagine, we’re creating the Magical Mystery Tour Bus out of foam core. The bus will have two sides and a front. Inside the two side panels of the bus will be handles so that as we march, we can hold on to the handles and it will look like we are riding inside the tour bus. For a visual illustration, check out the image below. We’ve also created a banner to precede the Magical Mystery Tour Bus, pictured below, as well.

The inspiration:

A photoshopped visual illustration of the Magical Mystery Tour bus for the parade:

The banner design to precede the Magical Mystery Tour bus:

The Magical Mystery Tour is dying to take us away!

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