Wednesday, May 11, 2011

THE BOTTOM LINE An advertisement by Funnel Design Group Written by Mark Moad, illustrated by Sean Ashby

I frequent the blog of James Robert Watson, a previous instructor of one of my favorite classes of all time, The History of Visual Communication. Dr. Watson is not only one of the greatest design instructors I've ever had, he is one of the greatest instructors period. I've never learned so much useful and interesting information in my life AND actually retained it well. I could go on and on about his incredibly awesome teaching style and how he thoroughly and actively engages his students, but the entire point of this post was to re-post a comic from his blog by the Funnel Design Group that I thought communicated very effectively my view and probably every formerly and classically educated designer's view on...well, I am not going to verbally explain anymore because the visuals do it so well themselves, as all effective visual communication should.

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