Friday, June 3, 2011

Home Improvement Project: Foundation, Floor & Landscaping Part II

If you missed my first (of many, trust me) home improvement post that began ever-so appropriately with the foundation repair (I added a splash of color by introducing my backyard landscaping project, too), it may help to better understand this post by checking out the first! You can do that here
This post is less destructive than the first because the giant, gaping holes in my floor are no longer there and there is now beautiful, gleaming, brand new white oak wood flooring installed. Actually, as I type, the floors are complete, stain and all but I haven't had a chance to take pictures of that yet, so, I decided to go ahead and post the floors before the stain and then I'll post the completed "after" pictures a little later.

Here are a few pictures of the freshly installed white oak floors sans stain. Looked pretty nice even without the stain but I think it is too light and didn't harmonize with the living room walls very well.

This first picture looks like the entrance way to the quarantine station where "they" kept E.T.
Before picture. 

 This is one of my spare bedrooms.

Even though my knotty pine walls make my house a bit dark, I requested a darker stain because I wanted to match the dark brown/reddish knots in the walls and provide some nice contrast. I ended up choosing the first one, "Rosewood" because it had a bit of red tint to it, which seemed to work well with the red tint in the dark brown knots of the wood walls. I have to admit, I was extremely worried it would be too dark but I couldn't think of a better option so I committed and I must say, I am extremely happy with the final results.

Stay tuned for the final floors! Only thing is, I still don't have a kitchen floor. Right now, there is just the sub-floor exposed. I am not 100% what I will do with it yet as there is still a hump in my floor that the foundation repair didn't fix, so I am not sure what will work. I've been hearing that there is a self-leveling concrete that levels out such spaces. I thought that I wouldn't be able to do ceramic tile, which is what I want, but before I thought that would be possible, I started toying with the idea of linoleum tiles, checkered to look like this:

Moving on to the landscaping, my stress therapy...

I pretty much dug up my entire backyard. Like I said before, it was nothing but dirt before because it is so shady back there that no grass would grow. But I really am kind of happy about this because it allowed me to start the cottage garden I've always dreamed about. Anyway, this first photo is of all the treasures I found while digging in my yard. This is actually only some of them. I used quite a bit of the larger stones I found to line my garden bed borders. I felt like a kid again pretending to be an archaeologist (that is what I wanted to be when I grew least for a couple of years anyway).

I ended up having to install a few border fences as it turns out that my dog does not particularly like the way the pea gravel from the paths feel on her feet so she started running through the beds. I was using a cheap wire fence for the other beds, hoping that as the plants established themselves and grew a lot larger next year, that I could remove it once they did. But I decided to install this cute white picket-looking fence around this border. I think it doesn't look half bad, really. And it works, so that is good!

These next few pictures are of my front yard, just for good measure. I've been planting away in the front this year as well, so it felt like neglect to leave that out.

Some ceramic pieces I made that I didn't intend to be anything more than just to test glazes. But they look cool as yard art! This is at the base of one of my trees

These last two are of some planters that actually were designed to be placed in a wall at the entrance of my house. I'll post photos of them installed when I take photos of the final floors, with furniture, etc. I took these right after I planted these succulents, which I am in love with!!! 

Whew, I've been busy...
I think next year I'll build some raised beds for my back alleyway and grow veggies...the fun never ends!

Has anybody else been home improving or gardening lately? Care to share some ideas?

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Jes & Bre said...

I LOVE the garden stuff. It's so fun. I need to come by and check it out. Asap. Steal some of your ideas :-)