Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mira Sol Creative Logo | Part III

The logo design saga continues...but hopefully not for long (although, I could probably tweak it until the end of time). I think I have finally refined the logo to a point where I feel it conveys a classic feel, yet feels really fun, which is what I've been wanting to convey as that is my personality and style, in a nutshell.

For the sake of further revealing the logo design process, I am displaying one that retains the original eye/sun shape that I was working with. With this one, I decided to hand-letter my own "M" and insert it into the "pupil" of the eye/sun graphic and use it as a simple logo, without the title "Mira Sol Creative", which I actually really like.

But the other day, I was just thinking about how difficult it could be to have it printed on the recycled business card paper that I found and I just am not sure how it would turn out. The lines may bleed together, which would be no bueno. So I was toying with the idea of something more solid, easier to print and easier to paint, when I created the sort of pinwheel shape below.
The new eye/sun shape was inspired by the pinwheels I have spinning around in my front flower beds that I love so much. I thought it was super fun, so I went with it and I have to say, I am really happy with how it turned out. Although I really like the complexity of the interlocking lines the first shape created, I think the second one is good too...so now, of course, I am a bit torn. I think there are more pros than cons with the new one though and am sort of leaning towards that one. But I've been looking at them so long that I could be wrong. What do YOU see? Does one look more like an eye/sun than the other? Any other thoughts or ideas? One that you are just partial to, even if you are unsure why? I want to hear it all! 

PS: With either design, I will probably change colors in the future to fit or match whatever application I plan to use the logo for so the colors you see do not necessarily have to be the set-in-stone colors.

As always, your time and opinion is greatly valued and appreciated!

Mira Sol

If you are interested in how I got to this point, check out Part I and II of the process, via the links below:

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EW Greenlee said...

I still like the one where the "O" in SOL appears as a Sunburst.

cathykelly said...

Both are lovely, but....I think the pinwheel design says "flower" not "sun," even with the visual pun. I also sort of think it pull the/my eye too much into the middle of the logo, overwhelming the lettering. So I vote for #1. But what do I know?

Michele77 said...

I like them both, with 1 having a slight edge over 2. I'm sure that does not help you any ;)

Adria said...

Number 2! :P

Hernan said...

I vote for the first one but it looks more like a "flower" ... when I first took a look at it, I thought about a sunflower because in spanish this flower is called "mirasol" or "girasol" which matches the logo's name

Meg Akers said...

Hello, I think that there needs to be some silver or gold in it, and less is more thing....i like the simplicity of the first one but feel it is unfinished. i love simple design anymore...great work!! much love

Mira Sol Creative said...

Thanks, everyone! Very enlightening. It is always nice to hear what others see. Very good point about the logo overwhelming the lettering in # 2, Cathy! I can definitely see that. And Hernan, that is very interesting! I didn't realize mirasol or girasol was Spanish for Sunflower. And I hadn't seen a sunflower in the first one before but now I do! I actually really like the idea of it looking like a sunflower, eye, and/or sun! All three of those things back up my personal brand very well, I believe. And Megan, the silver or gold comment made me giggle. Not sure how I'll pull that off. But if I were to ever paint it, I could use gold, no doubt! As for it feeling unfinished; that's because it is! I still am working on trying to refine the "M" as I am not satisfied with it. I wanted to gather perspectives before I refined it further, so that I didn't spend too much time on it if I wasn't planning on using it. I am not sure what else you mean by that, but maybe it will come to me. Thanks so very much for taking the time to share your perspectives, everyone! I appreciate it oh-so-very-much!

Felina Lune Kavi said...

I love the evolution of the logos...I see the thought process in the tweaking you do.
Have you considered a more solar color scheme? I remember from the first post why you are using these colors...but have you tried something sunnier? Just curious. Making the pinwheel colors more like a sunflower would help to tie the solar plexus chakra feel of the design in with the symbols and colors. Solar plexus chakra is all about self-esteem, personal power, integrity, and understanding. Sunshine and sunflowers are its symbols. All of it correlates with Mira Sol condensed into logo form. ;)