Friday, June 10, 2011

Weekdaily Sketch(es): Tubular & Sunday

I was super busy yesterday and was up late working, which is why I completely forgot to post a sketch. That'll happen a lot, I'm certain of it. But I will make up for it by posting a two for one.

Not sure what inspired this, but I know that I was drawing a lot of tubular looking things like this at the time.
This was a baby avocado plant that died shortly after this. Glad I sketched it. It was really cute and I admired it a lot. I obviously drew this on a relaxing Sunday, watching the people in my neighborhood leaving for church.

As a side note, I promise to start sketching more and posting those instead of old ones soon. I promise that to myself more than anyone. I need the practice. But I've been working on a drawing/watercolor for someone (I think I mentioned in a previous post) that I have promised to have done by tomorrow so with regular work, I haven't had time to draw whatever I feel like. But I'll be posting the process pictures of the drawing/painting as well as some other stuff I've been working on very soon!

Have a magical weekend!

Mira Sol

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