Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Paintings Past

The other night I was going through an old painting portfolio from my very first painting class from my very first year of community college (1999/2000) and I came across these three paintings that I was actually quite impressed with, considering they were my first oil I decided to share them/archive them here.

1. The first painting is a Paul Cezanne still life study. We were required to pick a still life painting by any artist from an art history book and I picked this one because I really wanted to paint the skull. You can compare to the original Cezanne, here. (If you don't compare, mine just looks that much better)

2. The second one is a painting of a still life of cow bones setup by the instructor. The assignment's purpose was to paint from real life and to use a complementary color palette. We were required to pick a shape to paint anywhere on the painting and use paint inside the shape with a complementary color scheme of the main color we chose to paint with. So I went with variations of purple for the main color scheme, complemented inside a circle with yellows...and I guess I felt it necessary to include a bit of complementing reds and greens as well.

3. From what I recall, the assignment of the last painting was to paint a color wheel, paint the outside of the wheel gray and paint anything colorful inside of the wheel, so I painted a goldfish.

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