Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Oklahoma Grad Student & Grad College T-shirt Design

Our project manager at the Graduate College wanted OKLAHOMA grad student and OKLAHOMA grad college t-shirts to give to current OU grad students and for our faculty and staff to wear, with script grad student and grad college lettering over a solid collegiate OKLAHOMA font. I could have taken the faster and easier way out by using the scripted font provided by Transcript Press, the company who prints our shirts, but instead I insisted that I take this opportunity to practice some lettering, so I hand lettered "grad student" and "grad college". It is amazing to me how much time I spent trying to perfect (although, with more time, I could have made it even better) the lettering for each shirt by hand and then how much more time I spent perfecting it when I traced it in order to vectorize the artwork in Illustrator. I am getting so tired of tracing what I've already spent so much time doing by hand in Illustrator because it just seems like such a waste of time. (I realize I am beginning to vent, so pardon me while I do, because it feels good) Just thinking about all of the other projects I could be doing in the time I spend tracing the artwork in Illustrator makes me want to cry. I get so frustrated because I have so many ideas floating around in my head but no time to do them! As hard as it can be at times, I keep forcing myself to look at it all in a positive light; at least I am practicing becoming better at the entire process, including the Illustrator tracing process. Perhaps one day that part of the process will be a breeze...but honestly, I think it really is just pushing me further and further into doing everything by hand. Perhaps one day I can afford to hire assistants to do the dirty work for me so I can have more time to work on the part that I love. *sigh* All this dreaming is making me want to take a nap...

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