Wednesday, August 3, 2011

OU Home Page

In the history of OU and the internet, never before has the Graduate College or any of our events made it to the homepage of Perhaps the graduate student population is not large enough to seem important enough to feature any of our events...until today. We finally made it! And my artwork advertising our annual Welcome Week event is shining through. I realize this is not that big of a deal to some, but it is to me and my colleagues. We were all pretty excited about it as one of our biggest goals has been to increase the value of graduate studies among various populations, especially on the OU campus itself. So this is a big feat for us and is hopefully just the budding sprout of our efforts...which is why I am documenting/archiving the moment here.

As a side note, but on a similar subject, we're gearing up to tag the campus in order to make sure no grad student goes unaware of Welcome Week.

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