Friday, September 23, 2011


to my newly customized blog! In effort to establish more of a visual identity for myself, I decided that my blog needed a revamp to go along with my new logo. Without having to get into CSS, I was able to make a pretty decent looking (in my humble opinion) blog layout with the basic tools blogger provided.
Hurray for change!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mira Sol Creative Business Cards

Since I decided on a logo design for Mira Sol Creative, I proceeded with designing the business card. I created two versions; one in full color, if I felt so inclined to use, and one in black and white over brown chipboard because I may have them printed on that recycled business card paper I found online. However, before I commit to having these printed, I am going to use the rubber stamp I had made of the logo and stamp 3.5"x2" cards that I cut myself from recycled chipboard that I have in my garage. That way, not only am I saving money by eliminating printing costs, I am actively recycling cardboard and I am doing it hand.

Without further ado, I present to you:

As much as I loved the idea of the sunburst/eye/pinwheel design acting as the "O" in "Sol", I don't think it is going to work well as a logo or on a business card because it is too boxy and the logo as the "O" just doesn't stand out on the business card when printed. So I think I will hold onto it, in case I want to use it as the design for a shop/studio sign.

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Mira Sol Creative Logo Design | Part II
Mira Sol Creative Logo Design | Part III
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