Friday, October 28, 2011

UCDA Conference in Phoenix, AZ

I returned last week from my second trip to Phoenix, AZ this month. The first time was to stand next to my dear friend, Angela as she united in spirit and law with her husband, George. That was a beautiful and wonderful traditional Greek wedding with a flare of modernity, but I am sickened to say, I don't have any of my own photos from any of it.

The second trip was to attend the annual University & College Designers Association conference. It was an amazing trip. Not only did I get to spend some more quality time with my newly wed friends, but I learned a lot of useful things during the conference, met awesome people who do what I do, and even had some extra time to lounge by a couple of the 8 pools at the conference designated resort. Needless to say, the trip as a whole proved to be a very well rounded experience, leaving me inspired and rejuvenated, just as I had hoped.

When I find more time, I'll write in greater detail about some of the things I took away from the conference and the trip as a whole. In the meantime, I'll let the photos do the talking.


Nutmegger Workshop said...

Spent 20 years in the Phoenix area. Moved to Oregon in 2005. Thanks for the pictures! Miss the constant sunshine, but am loving the Pacific northwest even more. Love your work as well. Like your logo and stationery.

Miranda Sowell | Mira Sol Creative said...

Thanks so much for the compliment and for stopping by! I am a huge fan of your work as well. Phoenix is nice for the sunshine and unusual looking succulents but I'd give anything to be in your shoes, living and doing what you love in Oregon. Had planned on moving to Portland a few years ago but life happened and the move never did. You really can't go wrong in the Pacific Northwest, period. Keep up the good work! I stop by your blog from time to time so I'll say hi next time.