Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Joy

I made this succulent terrarium last year (a couple died since then) and decided to pay a Christmas homage to my dear friends, George & Angela Tompras in Phoenix, AZ by adding some deer and melted snowmen. Merry Christmas, desert friends!

My collection of vintage ornaments:

Village scene that looks way better in person:

Check out what my sister and her boyfriend gave to me for Christmas this year:
Yep, an antique organ made by a company in Chicago. I can't recall the name at the moment and I haven't researched this particular organ yet, but I will and I will be sure to keep the blog updated. I was so overly dumbfounded when they pulled up in my driveway and unveiled this beautiful wooden organ with amazing red detailed accents. I felt like I was dreaming. Apparently, their neighbors were getting rid of it and had it sitting out on the curb. Can you believe it? Who would get rid of something like this!? And, the best part is, it actually works!!! It really was the missing puzzle piece to my home and everything just feels complete now. No more bad moods in my house; each time I walk into the room and see the organ, nothing but pure joy remains. Thanks, Morgan! You're the best!

PS: Notice in the window on the right, Santa dropped by to take a peak into my house and make sure everyone was being nice. He says, "hi!" ;)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dancing Mr. & Mrs. Claus

Video quality doesn't do this thing justice. I fell completely and madly in love when I saw this one fine November day in a local antique shop. Its the only thing I purchased that day and it was the first thing I saw. Its like Mr. and Mrs. Claus were waiting for me to come in and give them a home where they could dance until their hearts were content. (I know, I'm a dork...and I don't care) 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Holidays!

I thought I'd post a few photos of the holiday decorating and crafting that I've been up to this month. I'll post with more later in the month, just to keep the holiday spirit alive throughout the month. Did I mention, I am a bit Christmas obsessed? But I'll try not to get too carried away...

The Merry Christmas flag garland is the first Christmas craft I made for the year. It took me an entire Saturday to complete it. I am very pleased with the result. I even got to practice my lettering by free-handing each of the felt letters. A very fun project to kick-start the holiday cheer in my home! 

Here are a few detail shots of the characters and things the mantel is decked out with:

I filled these balls with decorative holiday stuff and I think they turned out cute. Very simple but fun, which I love.

And this Christmas terrarium is the second holiday craft I made. I love it, it is so cute. I adorned the terrarium with moss, tiny pine cones, tiny tree, tiny snow, tiny deer and added some flare with tiny stars and tiny bells. I love tiny!