Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Past, Present, Future looks like this is my first post of the 2012 year...or is it the year of 2012? In any case, I thought I'd start the new year out, not only with what's new, but how that stirs up memories of the past.

After a beautiful two year relationship, my main squeeze, Randy and I are...moving in together. I guess I should say, he is moving in with me as I do not plan on selling my house any time soon. Since we are both well aware of the fact that we each need our own space that we can go to and it be our very own, I am giving my current art room to Randy to use as he wishes (within reason, of course. ha.). Which motivates me to get the shop (which is separate from the garage attached to the house) in my backyard together, working and functioning as a shop so that I can have a place that is my very own, where I can either make "stuff" or just sit and think about making stuff. My goal is to utilize the 600-800 sq ft. space for things like sign painting, serigraphy, and ceramics. Thus far, I have been successful (of course, not without help from others, for whom I am very grateful. They know who they are) in my cleaning and de-clutter/junk endeavors, have hung shop lights, arranged a lot of my art furniture, got an amazingly warm propane heater (which is only functioning thanks to one fearless friend, Josh), and am finishing up moving the rest of my old art room into the shop.

As I was cleaning out the closets of my art room, I came across a notebook and a couple sketchbooks from the ages of ~15-17. I can't believe I totally forgot about them but it made it really fun to see what I used to draw and how it lead to this point. I also found myself admiring the irony of coming across the past while organizing and clearing out some of the past in order to make room for the future...and I thought I'd share some of what I found, while archiving the past right here in my own blogosphere.


Marker bird:

As far as I can remember, I always picked #6 as my number in soccer. So I suppose this was a cartoon rendition of myself...being a sly little bitch, from the looks of it:

This is a drawing I did of the cover of Skateboarding magazine back in 96 y'all. I don't remember who the guy is:

Oil pastel butterfly:

Marker and pen Cardinal:

Water color lemons and sunshine:

Here's to an insightful past, and a happy & prosperous present and new year! 

Peace and Love,
Mira Sol

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Megan Akers said...

your pictures are really good...i see why you are an artist...:) hope all is well and staying warm...xoxo