Thursday, March 1, 2012

All the world's indeed a stage...

Friday is the OU Graduate College's Annual Student Research and Performance Day and each year, I get the pleasure of evolving my designs from years past. Its always interesting to see how I've grown as a designer and to even see the potential for the future.  

Once again, I took a shot at doing the poster design by hand. Instead of the usual watercolor lettering, I decided to go with some good ole fashioned collage. I cut and tore out pieces from various National Geographic magazines I have laying around and made a sort of "the world is our stage" themed design. 

This event showcases the research that OU graduate students are doing campus wide. From Science to Art, the event showcases it all. Which is why I tried to find pieces from the magazines that would represent each category to make up the top portion of the stage curtain and used pieces of world maps to make up the "stage" that showcases "Student Research & Performance Day". I scanned the final collage and added some art deco style typography and voila! Man, I just love working with my hands! And I am SO beyond grateful to have a job that allows me to take a break from the computer for a while to make designs by hand that people may actually want to keep around for a while because it looks more like art. Here's to cross-disciplinary exchange, diversity, and the world! ;)

 And we made it to OU's homepage for the 2nd time ever (bottom right corner)! 

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